Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear my diary...# part 1

i still dont know why im still thinking about something that is too ensure and the risk to be hurt like this..
yeah,, you might say that im thinking too much bout this but the truth its always come into my mind every time my heart say "Let him go, you will be happy when you see him happy even you are not with him anymore"

its hard.. when you know how to fix the live of others but not your own life!!

Dear diary,, i really need someone to have a warm hug so that i can cry on his shoulder,, diary,, can you tell that boy i really love him,,, and i cant be like this anymore,,, mybe the way of my love delivering its bit different but the love is still same.... pure and white..

p/s: sorry im too emotional right now.. hati tu utk awk tlg ambik balik..

dah bace, komen la ye. tekan like sekali.:)


Fatah Mokhtar said...

sabarlah appa...kumbang bkn sekor... ;)

sukehatiaku said...

ye la.. aku da cube utk hadapi fatah !
aku tau dea bukan utk aku,, :))

Fatah Mokhtar said...