Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear diary.. # part 3

ihsan dari google

dear diary,, i know lately ni asyik dgn post yg menggmbrkan tntg pain... yes of coz la... da my heart feel like dat takan la nak post happy2.. im try to be strong... looking happy in front of him and everyone.. but sometimes i need sumeone to mengadu bout all of this thing... one of my ways to melepaskan semua niyh adalah dgn menulis di blog ini..

diary,, now im feel oke... because theres sumeone behind me... always support me.. give advice to me...
thanks to them...but sometimes the weird feel always there in my heart.. and im tried to hide that thing..
and im tried my best..

dah bace, komen la ye. tekan like sekali.:)

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