Tuesday, December 7, 2010

dear diary.. # part 2

dear diary,, you know what im feel right now rite ? i rilly hate dis feel...its hurt...
i rilly need sumone wif me.. to hold me.. to give me a warm hug for face this thing..
every day, every hours, every minutes, every second when im alone,, i remmbr all of dats..
hey you!!  my Mr. Right.. where are you ??? im looking for you to help me out from dis feel..
I need you... plizz comeee... im sick..

p/s : for my Mr. Right.. i dun noe.. where are you, who are you,.. but if u think u r my Mr. Right pliz come and safe me from dis feel.. i wait for you..

dah bace, komen la ye. tekan like sekali.:)

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